Somatic Arts Coaching


Somatic Coaching is a gently attuned process for addressing pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic stress. Symptoms can include neuromuscular bracing, restricted movement, compromised posture and breathing, physical or emotional numbness, lack of a sense of internal safety, and diminished emotional and creative agency.

When we are able to attune to our body with empathic self-awareness and tend to its needs, then change is possible. Restricted areas begin to release bringing greater aliveness, ease, agency and resilience.

In the practice of embodied self-inquiry we first enter the somatic realm of the senses;

listening to and allowing whatever feelings arise without judgment, following a deeper knowing than the mind, attending to the visual metaphors that arise from the embodied imagination.

The use of therapeutic touch and tablework when applied happens in person, but is not required nor is it ever obligatory. It is used only when enough trust has been established, and always with complete permission. But self-touch is suggested for supporting self-connection and feedback from your body rather than the practitioner.

Somatic work can be quite effective virtually. Somatic Inquiry is a practice of deep listening through the senses, feelings, and body conversations.


Individual & Group Sessions

Centa assists her clients in accessing their resources, both internally and in the world, and in cultivating resonant practices rooted in self-empathy, somatic inquiry, and embodied creative expression.

Whether it is one-to-one coaching or in a group learning experience, you will benefit from Centa’s deeply intuitive yet knowledgeable approach.

Through tending to the body through one’s sensory and emotional experience, imaginal, energetic cues and mindful, empathetic listening, a deeper story and intelligence is supported to surface.

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection." — Johann Hari

Centa supports the needs for safety, deep rest, kind self-connection, empathetic witnessing, and self-renewal for front-line care providers who are experiencing chronic and traumatic stress.

She welcomes women and gender non-conforming artists, writers, and creatives, who are in recovery from trauma and addiction and could benefit from guidance in relation to their creative practice or project.

Centa is a certified International Trauma Care Provider (ITCP,) Body and Somatic Educator (BASE,) and a certified NeuroAffective Touch (NaTouch) practitioner. She is also a poet, transformational writing, arts and creative process specialist. She works locally and internationally on Zoom (though sadly, she speaks only English).

"Centa Therese is a highly skilled and knowledgeable healer. She helped me immensely to ground in my body and to get in touch with repressed body memories that had been holding me back, including very early pre-verbal memories."

— Annie Finch, Ph.D. poet, teacher, witch, scholar