As a lifelong practitioner of body-mind inquiry, art practice, poetry, and personal story, Centa draws from these deep wells of knowing, and forms tiny bundles of imaginative opportunity for you. She thinks of it as deep play, as we attend to that creative capacity within us.

Through engaging in this multi-disciplinary approach to cultivating resilience, you will take with you—

— renewed enthusiasm and curiosity
— embodied confidence
— a daily, doable creative practice
— courage (heart) to change what you can

Centa Therese facilitates somatic awareness and creative process experiences for groups and individuals.

Her coaching and teaching are body-centric and neurologically informed, providing vital psychobiological interventions for a dysregulated nervous system and enhancing inherent creative resilience.

Centa curates practices that foster self-empathy, curiosity, connection, genuine responsiveness, self-agency, and creative candor.

The Foundational Principles of Practical Artistry

Self – Empathy

  • Healing Self Touch 
  • Rest, Release, Recover
  • Psychobiological Education
  • Self - Blessing

Somatic Imagination

  • Sense Experience  
  • Cues of Safety 
  • Perceptual Portals 
  • Somatic Language & the Meaning Making Mind

Creative Autonomy

  • Body-Sourced Creativity
  • Embodied Expressive Confidence 
  • Creative Mastery
  • Belonging to Self
  • Giver, Giving, Gift

Following are a few examples of what her students and clients have expressed experiencing:

  • Finding their true voice emerging in their writing.
  • Writing their story of abuse; sharing out loud for the first time to anyone.
  • While hollowing a ball of clay, noting their hands had from their own innate intelligence.
  • Experiencing an uncontrolled flow of images, arising from the soma (living body), bringing deep healing.
  • Finding they could hold different points of view in their developing memoir.
  • Confronting terror at the prospect of completing a novel, ten years in the making yet couldn’t finish.

Centa’s deeply intuitive approach to coaching is based on evolving research and understanding of how relational trauma, as a neurophysiological response, affects our emotions, behaviors, and relationships across the life span.

As a body-centered practitioner, I ground the somatic aspects of my work in a lifetime of movement and body-mind inquiry, from early training in ballet, to modern dance including Afro-Haitian, Contact Improvisation, yoga, gestalt bioenergetics, martial arts and Transcendental meditation, Authentic Movement, Pilates (certified), and a decades long practice of Zen meditation (just sitting).

Through slow, subtle movements, and sensory and imaginal cues, we can repattern our posture and attitudes for greater safety and ease, and our lives for greater happiness and resilience.

“Centa Therese is a highly skilled and knowledgeable healer! She helped me immensely to ground in my body and to get in touch with repressed body-memories that had been holding me back--including very early pre-verbal memories. And this was all through zoom sessions. I’d recommend her work to anyone!”

— Annie Finch, Ph.D., poet, scholar