Practical Artistry

Imagining a world in which everyone lives from their inherent creative intelligence.

Practical Artistry

Imagining a world in which everyone lives from their inherent creative intelligence.

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I’m Centa Therese.

We live in a creative universe and are innately creative. It is our birthright and our nature as humans. Without access to this life-affirming capacity, we can become fearful, feel invisible, and think that we are without choice in our lives.


Transformative Creative Process & Embodied Writing

Integrating the soma and creative process with intuitive writing and art practice is a trauma-responsive approach to social-emotional learning, co- and self-regulation, and cultivating resilience.

The following is a list of benefits many have enjoyed from this work:

  • deep rest of body, mind, spirit
  • a new habit of self-empathy 
  • a more resilient nervous system 
  • internal sense of safety, ground
  • renewed vitality and direction

Nurturing our innate creative intelligence cultivates self-empathy, kind regard, and connection anchored in self and allows us to engage more powerfully in the world.

I provide a transformational approach to self-healing and creative renewal culled from a lifetime of exploration, and following three primary streams of inquiry:

  • the ‘lived experience’ of the body (as well as the resistance to it)
  • engaging poetry and dreams for imaginal self-healing
  • art-making as a spiritual process

These three streams form the bedrock of my work in facilitating transformative somatic arts coaching and creative writing workshops to alleviate chronic and traumatic stress.

The three foundational pillars of creative resilience.


Having feeling for one's own suffering.


The body sees through portals; sensing, feelings, images.


Confidence. Expressing one’s own embodied way of seeing things. Agency.

Ways to Work with Me


Somatic Arts Coaching

Sessions both Online & In-Person.


Creativity Coaching

Sessions both Online & In-Person.


Classes & Workshops

Both Online & In-Person.

“Centa Therese does not just listen but holds a deep tender accepting space for the vulnerable parts in all of us—such a gift.”

— Annie Finch, Ph.D. poet, scholar

"Centa Therese seems to live in her own skin. There is a sincerity and openness in how she presents herself. She has a strong sense of authenticity, holding what she is without trying to bullshit, but moving with moods and with moments. Her compelling qualities as a teacher are her expression, the way she engages her students, and the tone and modulation of her voice."

— Tricia Christensen, Psychotherapist

Sense, Feel, Create, Integrate

This work is deeply restorative for overburdened care professionals:

Medical and mental health care providers, veterinarians, social change agents, transformational leaders, coaches, teachers, etc., whose work loads have led to chronic and traumatic stress and who are at risk for physical and emotional collapse.

I continue to welcome women and gender non-conforming artists, writers and creative minds, and those recovering from trauma and addiction.

You Are Welcome Here

Centa Therese’s practice addresses the needs of women and gender non-conforming and welcomes all ages, colors, and cultures. They honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals; believe all deserve access to support and education, and that all are born creative.

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