Classes & Workshops

I am available for customizable seminars and webinars on resilience, creative resilience, nervous system regulation, as well as, poetry, memoir, etc.


  • MemoFusion; hybrid narrative
  • Neurobiology of Stress and Calm
  • Portals of Perception
  • Body Mapping, Conversations
  • Befriending the Poem
  • Contemplative Writing for the Soul
  • Somatic meditation and deep rest

Centa Therese, MA. is a published poet, writer and transformational language arts specialist; an internationally certified Trauma Care Provider ITCP; certified in BASE; Body and Somatic Education practitioner; certified Pilates and Somatic Movement Arts Specialist SMS, and certified NeuroAffective Touch practitioner. NaTouch

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"Yesterday all my work with Centa and the book Me and White Supremacy, paid off…The Commission was divided along racial lines. I wrote an email to all the Commissioners using what I learned. I talked about my candidate's platform and I talked about race. I expected to lose. I got a call from the Chair offering to make me co-Chair. What I'd said, she liked and she made peace with."

— Richelle Slota, poet, novelist, activist

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