Creative Inquiry Coaching

bringing your whole self to the creative process.

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Centa offers creativity coaching to women and gender non-conforming artists, writers, out-of-the-box types, and those seeking to strengthen their recovery from trauma or addiction.

Practices are anchored within a somatic arts framework through a conversation we begin with our soma (feeling body). By learning to identify and tune in to our nervous system, we can detect cues of safety, a precursor for pleasure and curiosity. Sessions are customized, depending on the type of support.

1 to 1 Creative Inquiry / Project Coaching Sessions

This coaching focuses more directly on your creative process, as an artist or writer and can be customized depending on the kind of support and outcomes you are wanting. If we are doing a creative projects session, it would obviously be in relation to the project.

A package of 5 or 10 sessions focused on the meta-process related to a specific project, in which you may be experiencing blocks. Customized around the desired type of support and outcome you are wanting.

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“As the Director of a substance abuse treatment program for women, I have witnessed the value of Centa's incredible work. Women often come to us very broken from a multitude of different traumas that led them down the path of addiction. Many have no idea how to use their own voice to express their feelings or speak up for themselves. Centa's work with the women has given them an outlet of expression that has been invaluable to the work they do on themselves. I have an immense amount of gratitude for this work and opportunity for our clients."

— Sylvie Vatinelle-DeLacruz
Residential Treatment Director, Sonoma County, CA.